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quinta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2008


Exú é eixo de tudo. Sem exú que é o eixo, tudo que se faz ou se constói está fadado ao insucesso.

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Gfunk disse...

This is a really interesting version of folkloric Ballet I saw in Salvador in March last year. I guess we got the "toned-down" tourist version. This is pretty intense. Very traditional African--esque. I sure the songs are in Nigerian Yoruba, right??

I can't wait until you come to Ghana to check out some of the real deal--remnants of slavery and immense culture that's very much like Afro-Brazilian "amalgamation pot"

Freitas, I shocked you "blog", you wont even join facebook hahahaha. Good stuff though, I guess since it has to do with Condomble, you won't back out.